SEEN - A Central Alabama AmRRON Member Group

The primary goal of SEEN is to establish a highly functional regional network of local networks of radio operators willing to carry out AmRRON's mission on a local level - to volunteer to keep each other connected when other means of communications are unavailable or unreliable.  We want to build a framework for local networks to be created and built upon, with a mechanism to plug into the southeastern region to share knowledge, tools, and resources.  SEEN aims to operate both voice and digital packet networks to ensure that local and regional priority traffic can flow unimpeded in the worst of situations.  We will work closely with AmRRON to plug into larger area communications, and we encourage participation in AmRRON practice nets and exercises.

AmRRON is a Nationwide Emergency Communications Network for Patriots and other Liberty-Loving radio operators who have volunteered to keep other connected when other means of communications are unavailable or unreliable.  AmRRON's primary "energy" is on nationwide and regional communications.  More specifically, AmRRON focuses primarily on HF, with the vast majority of work being done on digital.  As such, AmRRON encourages local communities to develop their own emergency communications plans.  SEEN, the Southeast Emergency Network, was created to provide that local communications group for the Southeast Region - initially starting in Central Alabama, but with a goal of growing throughout the Southeastern US.  SEEN in no way looks to "replace" AmRRON - but instead, intends to work alongside AmRRON in a more local capacity, providing interoperability with the already established framework of a well-organized national network.

Guiding Principles (from AmRRON)

1.  All patriot-minded radio operators are welcomed and encouraged to train, participate, and contribute for the purposes of disaster response and civil defense.  When it is within an operator's ability, he/she should always selflessly contribute to the preservation and protection of life, liberty, and property.

2.  Proficiency is encouraged with all forms of communication, including licensed Amateur Radio, license-free radio, and any other type of communication method.

3.  All citizens are sensors (eyes and ears) during a disaster.  The network exists not only for you to stay informed, but for you to inform others as well - sharing important information about developments and aiding in everyone's overall situational awareness.

4.  SEEN / AmRRON operators are willing to render communications assistance where it is needed and wanted, and to avoid interfering where it is not.

5.  SEEN / AmRRON operators should always be willing and capable of supporting leaders in their community who may not have communications capabilities, and may include clergy, community leaders, elected officials, and other patriot-minded organizations and individuals.

6.  SEEN / AmRRON members should be self-reliant, ready and skilled to provide communications in most any environment, under austere conditions, with little or no outside support, for indefinite periods of time, especially when there is no commercial power or communications infrastructure.

7.  SEEN / AmRRON operators are committed to supporting traditional American values - our heritage, liberty, Christian charity, lawfulness, and helping our fellow countrymen in times of crisis; and never supporting those whose objectives are in conflict with those values and ideals.