Weekly Voice Net - Every Wednesday at 8:00 PM

We run a combined SEEN / AmRRON 70cm Voice Net every Wednesday at 8:00 PM local time on the Signal Mountain repeater, located on top of Signal Mountain in Chelsea, AL.  The repeater's frequency is 444.700, with a positive offset and a PL tone of 156.7.  This repeater has coverage throughout the greater Birmingham area, reaching south into Chilton County and north into St. Clair County.

SEEN members are encouraged to have a "persistent presence" on the repeater - monitoring as much as possible for activity.  Encourage discussion on the repeater, to ensure it remains functional, but also to engage others and inform them of what SEEN is doing.

In the event you are not able to communicate on the Signal Mountain repeater, we will QSY to the Shades Mountain repeater, located on top of Shades Mountain in Hoover, AL.  This repeater is VHF on 147.14, with a positive offset and a PL tone of 156.7.

VHF Packet Radio

SEEN operators run a growing packet radio network in the Central Alabama area on 145.010.  What started as a few curious packet radio operators has turned into a growing network of operators with daily activity, passing local traffic every day, as well as the AmRRON AIB every week.

We are currently looking to expand this network and are looking for great locations for additional digipeaters throughout the Central Alabama area.  If you have access to a good location, or know someone who might, please let us know.